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Avida CBD is relatively new to the CBD world. They currently offer four flavors of CBD vape juice that are available in several different strength levels. They also have two types of CBD oil tinctures and three CBD infused JUUL compatible pods. Avida CBD takes quality and customer satisfaction to the next level. They make their third party lab tests publicly available for the world to see. This type of transparency is great for the CBD industry.

Avida CBD Has Broad and Full Spectrum

There isn’t much of a difference between Avida's broad and full spectrum tinctures in regards to flavor, but the full spectrum one would likely produce a more noticeable effect. It’s amazing how much of a difference that trace amount of THC can have on the CBD effect.

Avida CBD Full Spectrum Oil is a great choice for someone who wants to experience the full effects of CBD oil. 

Avida CBD

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